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Hack In the Box 2012 Amsterdam - Recap

I have promised I would have something written about my Hack In the Box 2012 Amsterdam  conference experience. First thing, it was one of the best security conference I have ever been. Big props to Dhillon ( @l33tdawg ) and the HITB crew for organising such event. I have been organising conferences in the past ( OWASP NZ Day 2009 and 2010 ) and I know something about what happens in the background. The conference venue was awesome, a pimping five stars hotel ;-) and again need to thank the crew for the wise choice. Bad thing is that I checked out with my wallet "lighter" than usual, after having dinners at the Japanese restaurants and trying all the amenities of the fitness center. My talk ( pdf || slideshare ) was on the first day along with two other media interviews with Mirko Zorz ( @helpnetsecurity ) of Help Net Security and Edward Kovacs ( @EduardKovacs ) of Softpedia. Both interviews went pretty well and they will be published soon. Unfortunately, I wasn&#