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BurpCSJ - Dealing with authentication

I have received many questions on how to properly handle authentication when using BurpCSJ , so here is a short tutorial on how to properly manage authentication. If you are looking for how to use this Burp extension, here is a basic tutorial  as well. In this post, we are going to use BurpCSJ against the Altoro bank (vulnerable web application made on purpose), which is available online here: First, start clean (the reasons will be clear at the end of this tutorial): - Start Burp; - Start browser and configure proxy settings to work with Burp; - Browse to target site: - Perform login: user: jsmith - password: Demo1234 - Check Burp cookie jar (under options/sessions), this should be populated with some cookies: - Configure BurpCSJ (Crawljax tab) and make sure that "Use Manual Proxy" is ticked and it is pointing to Burp and that the "Use cookie jar" option is ticked as well: - Start/Launch Bur